Here are some of the frequently asked questions.


The current cost of our services can be found here.


You can also have discounts on getting 12/6/3 months with 
15/10/5% off respectively.
You can also gain 10% off for active referrals or with sublicenses.

Payment options

We are currently working only with Paypal.
It can be done within the admin panel after the license is created.

Sign up

To create a new license, you must sign up in our website.
Generally done within 72 business hours.

Business hour

  Monday ~ Saturday: 14h~18h
  Sunday: Closed

Our timezone: GMT-3


By calling this number you agree to be charged in your current invoice by $10 USD each time.
Try to keep your questions in one single message.
Multiple messages within a short time interval will lower your priority in our support.